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2 wood pond road
brunswick, ME



I enjoy what I do. I've got one of those creative brains that's really hard to shut off, ideas spawning ideas until someone's clock slams the door shut. Someday it'll run out of gas, so I may as well enjoy it while it lasts. So, ideas are pretty close to the surface, and of course, you're welcome to them. I like to reach in different directions, let it fly. Something always happens, which is nice — there's nothing like the moment when an idea that feels right comes out of nowhere. I care about originality, quality, and I like what I do to come from a creative place, but a thoughtful place, too — grounded in truth, if you will. I live in Maine, but if you want me to work in Croatia, it can be arranged. 



Here are some things I offer:  

Brand consulting


Information architecture

Content strategy

Concepts for whatever


The occasional witty statement